General / 06 December 2019

Modeling open-world terrain and coding LOD system and Splatmap shader using Godot and Blender.

Hello there! I haven't posted anything in a while. Just wanted to say that I'm still alive and kicking and recently I've been goofing around with brilliant, easy to use open-source game engine  Godot and studying GDscript and Godot engine querks and made some prototypes of little 2d games and whatnot and have been doing loads of tutorials. And having some experience with Unreal engine decided to lay my hands on the 3d aspect of this beautiful and very flexible open-source engine.  

In the video tutorial I mention :

1) Terrain mesh and chunk creation technique in Blender with different levels of LOD using Multi-resolution modifier

2) How to set-up separate Splat map textures for each terrain mesh chunk and paint them. I also talk briefly about the workflow of generating PBR textures for an open-world game terrain.

3) I mention how to export mesh into Godot editor and code simple Level of Detail script to make use of the different mesh chunks that we have created in Blender.

4) Code the splat map shader and apply it to each terrain chunk so that it would get the final look in-game.

This a timelapse/commentary video, and I don't go through the basics of working with Godot engine here. So, a certain level expertise dealing with GDScript and Godot engine interface is required as long as some good knowledge of Blender.

Thank you! Hope you like it!